Our History

The Payment Association of Namibia (PAN) is a not-for-gain organisation, which is governed by a constitution and the Payment System Management Act, No. 18 of 2003. PAN was duly constituted on 12 August 2005 by the Bank of Namibia (BoN) as payment system management body as contemplated in section 2 (2) of the Act. PAN’s aspiration remains to safeguard the safety and reliability of the payment system and to ensure that it conforms to international best practices and standards.

The objectives of PAN are to manage, control and organise all matters affecting interbank payments, payment clearing and netting of interbank obligations within the payment system and, in connection with these objectives:

  • to provide a forum for the consideration of matters of policy and mutual interest concerning members;
  • to act as a medium for communications with BoN, other regulatory agencies, any financial or other exchange, other public bodies, authorities and officials, the media, the general public and other private associations and institutions;
  • to deal with and promote any other matters of interest to members and to foster co-operation between them; and
  • to fairly represent and promote the technical and related interest of all banking institutions.

For PAN the year 2012 marked a year of change for the future as the Namibian payment system expanded. Recognizing the growth in the payments landscape and the coordinated changes within PAN, the PAN Management council embarked on a comprehensive exercise based on a consultative approach to develop a long-term strategy for the PAN office. The strategy document of PAN covers the period of 2012-2015 and is designed to ensure that:

  • PAN is correctly positioned within the Namibian payments industry;
  • that a continued common understanding is achieved amongst industry participants;
  • that payment system participants are able to identify and prioritise resource requirements accordingly;
  • that an alignment is achieved between the National Payment System Vision 2015, SADC Strategy and PAN’s focussed activities, thus allowing PAN to assess and manage the direction and priorities of developments within the Namibian and cross-border payments industry.

PAN has shaped its future direction to align the Association to harness the tremendous changes taking place in the payments landscape.


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